Redeem Code

Redeem Code

Look for Blu-ray Discs with the Digital HD UltraViolet logo and DVDs with the Digital UltraViolet logo to enjoy the best of discs and digital. Use the included redemption codes to add them to your UltraViolet Library for free. You’ll find each code included inside the disc package.


Digital HD UltraViolet


Once you’ve added the movie or TV show to your UltraViolet Library you can stream or download it from UltraViolet retailers and other participating services. Once redeemed, your digital version never expires, won’t get lost, and can’t be scratched or broken.

Most codes can be redeemed using any of the following services. If you have trouble, please follow the directions on the insert or visit our Help page.

VUDU     Sony Pictures Store      Target Ticket